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Cross Training is working your body through continuously changing programs, techniques and environments.

We follow the Gold Standard in Private Training through The American College Of Sports Medicine.    All members get a FREE SESSION.

The best view of any club in Vermont!

We have the first and only 5th floor gym,  sitting privately above the downtown hub of Montpelier and our State Capital.  Truly a special, private setting for a great workout any time of the day, 7 days per week.  A setting where "you are not on display".    A place where local residents and business folks can simply walk to.  No driving necessary.  This is just a cool, in town, professional workout hub.

Private, Limited Membership, NO Join Fees!

Our unique studio offers an opportunity to belong to a professional, ultra clean fitness center in Montpelier with a limited membership enrollment, and your own private entry code for access 5AM-8PM seven days per week.   With only 1-2 people training per hour, The Cross Training Studio in Montpelier has no crowds....EVER.   We offer personal training in Montpelier, brand new, state of the art equipment including the Jacobs Ladder2 climbing machine, Keiser M3 mag spin bikes, plate load machines, free weights, kettles, TRX, battle ropes and more.  The view is gorgeous and the natural light is energizing.   You are sure to love having "your own private training center" and  belonging to something very special.  

Memberships and Training

All members will receive a one on one tour with the owner and demonstration on all equipment. Active members will receive a 10% discount, Senior Citizens 10% and Veterans 10% on all private training fees. All cancelled training appointments must be made with 24 hrs advanced notice or you will be billed the full training fee. All memberships will be considered renewed unless 30 days advanced notice in writing. The Cross Training Studio reserves the right to refuse and terminate any membership if any policies are deemed broken, abused or ignored.

Professional Certified Personal Training

The Gold Standard

The American College of Sports Medicine is the gold standard for exercise prescription, The Cross Training Studio professional private training is without a doubt one of the best investments you can make for your health.  A qualified trainer is not just based on a certification or years in a gym, but experience on many professional levels in many environments.  A professional trainer will be seasoned in all areas to include physiology intellect, nutrition, bio-mechanics related to sports, rehabilitation, injury prevention, cardiovascular strength and chronic disease prevention. 

I have been a professional trainer for over twenty years, and have been hired by professional athletes, worked as a conditioning instructor for a major league baseball team, and have worked with chiropractic practices, occupational therapists, high school sports teams and individuals of all ages and abilities.  I take my profession serious as do I the health of my clients.    I owned several training companies in Maryland and New York, to include a 5,000 sq. ft fitness center.   Helping people become healthier is priority one, whether through new guided exercise routines, or the re-design of your complete health picture.  Additionally I am currently studying with the Kresser Institute as a Certified Health Coach for chronic disease prevention, and obtaining a Certified Nutritionist designation nationally. Chronic diseases, such as inflammation due to poor food knowledge and lifestyle choices, are an epidemic.   Studying as a Certified Health coach allows me to expand my practice to work hand in hand with medical clinicians.  I hope to work with you and help you become the healthier person you want to be.

In good health!

Certified TRX Training

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The Cross Training Studio

100 State Street, Montpelier VT , Suite 506

(802) 613-3424

Training Referrals

Human Performance

I worked with CB in Maryland when he operated his company in the Downtown Athletic Club and was in charge of the private training there.  I was playing for the Baltimore Orioles and had two rotary cuff issues that were destined for surgery.  CB asked to hold off to try a series of intensive exercise therapy induced protocol.  Long story short is I ended up not having surgery and the hell it is coming back from that. CB is the dude!

The Right Track

I had the opportunity to join another facility CB owned, and came to him for a radical health change.  Not only was he easy going, but extremely educated on technique, the power of a positive attitude and how they function together for better health.   I changed my whole life, and it was under his guidance and care that ultimately ended with success.  Thanks CB.

Changed My Life

I went through 12 tough sessions with CB and I now am smarter, healthier and ready to live a better life.  I fully recommend CB.

More Than weights

I was so skeptical of trainers, because I thought they were for the wealthy and all about getting big.  I made an investment in my health after meeting with CB to talk about my concerns.  He assured me I would come out on the other side feeling great, with my health and that I could possibly get off of medication.   It was no miracle, it was simply more than weights.  It was experience and care.  I would recommend CB for any training you need.  

CB Is A Professional

I thought I was going to meet a "gym guy" when I called CB.  I was wrong.  Yes he is fit, but the kind of fit I was looking to be myself.  CB helped me become leaner, I added muscle and my energy went through the roof.  We varied our training, and he gave me so much great information to practice.  I now have him train my 15 year old on exercise techniques to help his sports performance. 

Professionally Built

My name is Mark, and I am the Fitness Director and Club Manager for Baltimore's largest facility, The Downtown Athletic Club.   We cater to thousands of members, professional athletes, and Hollywood professionals.   CB came to me and asked to run the entire operations of all training that took place in the facility.  This was ground breaking for a non employee and unique in the way that he would literally handle it all.   His promise of professionalism and deeply knowledgeable trainers did not disappoint.     Not only did CB hire the most qualified professionals I have seen, but the clients, members and staff were thrilled with his business and how everyone was treated.   Overall this was the most successful business relationship I have had for this club, and it all fell on CB's ability and business acumen.   I would 100%  recommend him and he is the person I will be calling when I need a trainer.


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The Cross Training Studio

100 State Street, Suite 506 Montpelier, VT, USA

(802) 613 3424

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Our Location

We are Located on the 5th floor of the "brick tower building" of the  historic Capital Plaza Hotel by appointment only unless you are a member.   Access is from State Street, through the entrance to Northfield Savings Bank, or from the parking lot behind the building.   Take our private elevator to Suite 506 to see this most private, professional and educational fitness center with the best views in town !

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